Understand the importance of planning and development.Understand the importance of
planning and development

The crew at Catalano Construction understand the importance of planning and development. “Measure twice, cut once”, an old carpenters rule, is essential during this phase of the process. Below represent some of Catalano Construction‘s Pre-Construction services necessary to a successful build.

Preliminary Evaluation

  • Clients receive a preliminary evaluation of the proposed program, project budget and schedule requirements.


  • The client and architect receive cost recommendations regarding selection of materials, building systems and equipment.


  • Clients benefit from Catalano Construction Company’s scheduling capabilities.

Preliminary Cost Estimates

  • Clients receive estimates when schematic design documents have been prepared and again when design development documents are prepared.

Attracting Subcontractors and Suppliers

  • Catalano Construction develops interest in the project with qualified subcontractors and material suppliers.

Value Engineering

  • Usually undertaken to lower project costs, our clients realize lower ownership and maintenance costs as well.

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